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MoDA Ms Helsinki Women's Touchscreen Genuine Leather Gloves with Ruched Cuff

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With incoming notifications constantly popping up on your phone, it is just inconvenient to have to take off your glove every time you want to use your cell phone or touch screen device! Now you can stay warm and toasty and not miss a beat! These fashionable, genuine leather gloves have a built in touch function so you can still use your mobile device, while leaving your gloves on. They look and feel great and will go with any winter apparel, making them a perfect gift for your loved ones. Be prepared this winter by putting them on before you take a step outside! Available in solid black and brown colors. Features a gorgeous ruched hem with solid, smooth leather. Lined with super soft and cozy fleece material. Available in sizes small to XL. These are a must-have necessity this winter because they will not only keep you warm, but protect your hands and nails too!
  • 100% Leather
  • Holiday gift box with every purchase, perfect gift for you loved ones for the holiday season!
  • Butter soft leather fully lined with warm and soft long fleece. A stylish fasionista's must-have item!
  • Text and operate your touchscreen device with the ultimate accuracy with Touch-e technology. Perfect for gripping , excellent driving gloves.
  • Each pair includes a holiday gift box. Order a size up for comfort!
  • These gloves are sure to keep you warm! They are great for driving in and doing other daily activities!
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